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Hi! My name is Ola Wallin.

I´m the founder and one of the tour guides at

Notting Hill Bike tours.

I´m from Sweden and began my trips to London at the age of 10.

In those days, it was mostly about Arsenal Football Club, The Sex Pistols and kebabs.

We didn´t have kebab in Stockholm in the early eighties, I remember my friends in Stockholm were quite thrilled when they heard about this new and exciting food.

Nowadays, I must admit I support another club than Arsenal FC and I´ve been a vegetarian for ages, I still listen to Sex Pistols though.

As I got a little bit older I started to take interest in more things about London, such as the architecture, the culture, the markets, the nightlife, street art, museums, shopping, the food, the London history and the great mix of people living here.

Now I´m a part of this great mix myself.

I live in Shepherds Bush, thats approx 2 km west of Notting Hill.

In 2016 when I was working as a personal trainer in Stockholm, I brought some of my Swedish clients to Notting Hill for workout weekends.

Between traditional gym and outdoor training I took them cycling and walking around London for sightseeing and exercise.

It turned out they liked the sightseeing as much as the workouts, maybe even more so in December 2016 I ordered 25 more bikes and found a bigger bike garage.

I wanted a place with space for a coffee machine, a fridge for cool drinks, a stereo and room enough for some seats if you just want to hang out at the garage.

Through mutual friends I found my colleague Lena, a former bike tour guide who had re-located from Stockholm to London in 2013 to pursue a career in music and comedy.

My dear friend and consigliere Maud helped out with brainstorming everything from marketing to logistics. Maud is also known to be the person who built our espresso bar in less than 2 hours.

In April 2017 we got the keys to the place we call The “Grotto”, the perfect little crib in Gloucester Mews close to Paddington station and Hyde Park.

The name Grotto we took from the song “I was born to be loved” by the Swedish pop group Deportees, that song was on repeat the weekend we moved in.

The Grotto is now the hub of Notting Hill Bike tours.

London is a great City to cycle in, and usually we only cycle in the parks or in the cycle lanes.

For more info and updates, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

After the tour we will be happy to assist you in any way we can and to share our great experiences about London.

In March 2018 we had an offer we couldn´t refuse and relocated to Caroline House where we have been based ever since. Only 100 meters from Queensway tube station and 50 meters from Kensington gardens.


Hope to see you soon on one of our tours / Ola

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